ADORABLE: Trendy baby doll tops.

Take your pick: Good selection of clothes and shoes.
More than stylish clothes, shoes and accessories,
Miss K Boutique at Damansara Perdana can also transform your furniture into works of art. MEENA SREENIVASAN is impressed.
ADORABLE: Trendy baby doll tops.INTIMATE and inviting, Miss K Boutique at Damansara Perdana will satisfy the most jaded of fashionistas.Done up in the prettiest shades of purple, lavender and pink, the outlet is filled with belts, earrings and other wardrobe essentials on pretty display shelves.You will find a collection of sassy, colourful and affordable casual wear, office options and lovely cocktail dresses as well as an endless selection of tanks, tees, baby doll dresses and tops, tube tops,bottoms, shorts, hot pants, bermudas, cargo pants, capris, pedal pushers and mini skirts.Prices range from RM15 for a spaghetti top to RM150 for an cocktail dress.

For that ultra feminine look, Miss K has those perfect flirty little dresses with puffed sleeves, and an exciting range of foxy dresses and other girly must-haves. Prices start from RM80.There is also a little thrill of knowing that the clothes are not available anywhere else.“We carry stylish, easy-to-wear garments, mostly wardrobe staples with an updated twist and also a good selection of mix-n-match clothes.

There are bags and shoes from Taiwan and Korea ranging from RM49.90 to RM69.90 to complement the garments.Look out for the newly-arrived patent kitten heels at RM59.90.

They are comfortable and stylish.Also worth sussing out are the vintage clutch bags . These are priced at RM120.Kelly aims to be different from the rest of the boutiques which only carry clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. She offers a special kind of service known as “furniture transformation”. Upon request, she rescues any piece of furniture by restoring it and painting folk art on it. They are then transformed into unusual and gorgeous conversation pieces.“Any piece of furniture, big or small, can be made to look more attractive after it is re-created. It will look completely different when it is injected with personality,” she explains.

Kelly has transformed wall clocks, picture frames, mirrors, cupboards, tables, chairs, display racks and cabinets into beautiful pieces of art.She also likes sourcing for vintage goods such as old suitcases which she brings to life by her folk art.New items arrive regularly at Miss K Boutique so there’s always a reason for you to pop by every now and then.“I now offer online purchases.

My website is at”
Miss K Boutique
No. 28-2,1st Floor,
PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7722-2857